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Added:Thu 14th Sep '06
Updated:Sun 29th Mar '09
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Bit about me and the site

What's remove before flight about?

Well, I'm an Aero Engineer and wanted some link. The remove before flight tags are put on things that are important and need to be remembered. Kind of like big post-its. The site was supposed to be a collection of usefu information. We'll see how that works out...

And kill -9?

Figured that it was an idea to register a domain name. And since it's nerdy anyway, I thought I'd go the whole hog. On Linux, the kill command (funnily enough) kills processes. kill -9 is more like DIE DIE DIE NOW! It's a big stick that can sometimes be handy.

And why the 2?

Well, I started work on Remove Before Flight a while before I thought of registering kill -9.

Source, by any chance?

Yup - but I ain't going to win prizes for it. Aplogies, no comments yet. Will try and add them.

Source released under the GPL, v2.

The main source of my site
The stylesheet for the main site
Source for my photo gallery
Functions used in the photos website
Functions used to display various parts of the actual gallery pages
Stylesheet used in the photos website
bash script used to generate thumbnails, medium size photos and add signature
PHP script used to take directory tree and insert into MySQL

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